I can't draw! I'll feel embarrassed!

Most people feel a little anxious when confronted with a blank sheet of paper.  In these workshops you'll be gently guided through some simple exercises and won't need any "skill". Playing, without concern for the finished piece, is emphasised; its about the process of becoming engaged rather than the end product. Think of it as a bit like meditation, but with colour!

What shall I bring / wear?

Paper and art materials are provided.
I bring some toys and blankets for the babies. A familiar blanket can help your baby feel more at ease in an unfamiliar room; do bring your own if you remember.

If you want to feed or change your baby during the session, that's fine.

We will be sitting on the floor, using paints, charcoal and other art materials. Please wear clothes you are comfortable in.

The cafe upstairs has a range of delicious treats, so you can always arrive early and hang out upstairs, or linger afterwards for lunch.

My baby has already started crawling, can we still come?

The class is designed for pre-crawling babies, but workshops for older children can be arranged on request, as well as private art therapy sessions.

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