Looking for something fun to do, that's good for baby too?

Want to feel refreshed, creative, connected, supported?

Want to get out of the house and do something different?

Bring your baby and come along to a Drawn from Motherhood workshop. Even if you "can't draw" you'll discover that a simple doodle has the power to help you unwind, change your perspective and gain fresh insight.  Have fun making a mess- without the bother of tidying up afterwards! Simply playing with colour, rhythm and texture can shift your energy so you feel refreshed and inspired. 

Want to do something different?

Engaging with art materials, even if you feel like you're 'not artistic' is a great way to unwind. Let your imagination wander, play with colour, just see what comes up. We're not aiming for something to frame, we're not entering any competitions: just a scribble or a doodle can be a gateway to expand your creativity.

In this supportive group, you will be led through simple activities designed not only to help you recharge and de-stress, but to gain new perspectives on motherhood.

Play with Colour

If the grey skies or baby blues mean you're craving more vibrant COLOUR in your life, we'll let you get your hands on a vast array of shades in different mediums. Through simple guided art activities using colour, rhythm and texture, drawing can help you to think about your experiences as a mother and  your relationship with your baby. Putting things down on paper can be safe and cathartic and bring about change. These playful sessions won't teach art techniques, but they will enable you to use art as a means of relaxation, play and reflection. 

Your baby's an inspiration!

This workshop welcomes all pre-crawling babies, whether colicky, playful, asleep or cranky. Get out of the house, meet other mums and be inspired to play!  Even if you haven't done any art since school, discover how you can express yourself without needing to find words, and see things with fresh eyes.  Reflecting on your days with baby, the challenges and the delight, the moments of connection and those of frustration, you'll use art materials to make a map of the different territories you journey through. You'll gain new insights, see with a fresh perspective and develop a deeper connection with your baby. You'll feel refreshed, inspired and supported.

You are welcome to feed your baby during the sessions. Changing facilities are available. 

In these workshops we are unable to accommodate babies who can already crawl, however, workshops for older babies, toddlers and preschoolers can be arranged. Please contact me if you are interested. 

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Workshops are run by a state registered art therapist. These groups are suitable for any new parent. If you would like to enquire about private art therapy, please do contact me.